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Today’s patient access environment requires solutions that go beyond the blunt tools of traditional copay and hub program solutions. Apollo Care has developed a comprehensive suite of right-time precise tools that can transform the way pharma manufacturers increase access, affordability, and adherence


  • Retail Copay Solutions
    Designed to meet today’s challenges by providing a larger toolkit with increased precision and improved program productivity
  • Custom Pharmacy Network Copay Solutions
    Available to manufacturers seeking to leverage the benefits of the Retail Copay Solutions while managing the costs of high patient benefits within a custom network of pharmacies
  • Advanced Reporting
    Focused on product and program performance, our enhanced offering provides data and insights that can be used across the organization from sales reps to the executive team to both increase and optimize overall business performance


  • Nationwide Pharmacy Network
    A proprietary network of independent local pharmacies provides nationwide coverage which can be customized to meet a manufacturer’s objectives and unique territory alignment
  • Pharmacy Copay Offer Portal
    Enables manufacturers to deploy highly customized copay offers to pharmacies quickly and efficiently while also providing real-time pharmacy support to validate program eligibility and assisting in the application of the offer
  • Program Compliance Monitoring
    We conduct weekly reviews of key metrics by pharmacy to confirm program adherence and identify where to deploy training


  • Pharmacy Hub
    Our centralized pharmacy hub provides a comprehensive solution set for patient care. The hub has the capability to verify benefits, adjudicate claims, triage, coordinate care, and fill prescriptions in all 50 states
  • Local Network Integration
    Our hub works hand in hand with the Apollo Care nationwide network of local pharmacies or can be integrated into a manufacturer’s existing network via proprietary technology, SOPs, and tools


  • Direct to Pharmacy
    Our solutions provide an option to bypass traditional distribution channels which can improve alignment, reduce fees, optimize product availability, and increase patient fill rate
  • Managed Logistics
    Minimize or eliminate returns, and improve visibility, tracking and control of inventory and increase channel velocity


  • Copay Assessment
    A comprehensive and data driven evaluation and opportunity assessment of business rules, brand promise execution, competitive offerings, copay messaging and training, demand curve opportunities and total cost of a brand’s copay program
  • Channel Strategy
    A comprehensive review of current channels including identification of opportunities to increase patient access or reduce cost