HUB services

Custom-built full-service pharmacy to enable better program design and execution

Case Study

Comprehensive pharmacy and patient support, including prior authorization, patient enrollment, and benefit verification (BV)

  • Non-commercial pharmacy
  • Physician portal
  • Client portal
  • Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)
  • Medical benefits
  • Verification of benefits
  • Electronic BV/electronic PAP
  • Field Reimbursement Manager portal

Hub Services Case Study

Combining Hub technology with its advanced copay solutions to increase total prescriptions (TRx) by 2.5x while improving fill rates and data capture at the hub


An orphan product struggled to navigate the traditional hub challenges of operational reliability while also trying to improve the brand promise for patients and physicians.


Piloted Apollo Care Hub Solutions and Advanced Copay with half of the nation to assess if it was possible to improve operational metrics while also delivering a more compelling and differentiated offer to patients and physicians.


Apollo Care Hub Technology + Advanced Copay Solutions Led to TRx Increase of ~2.5x

Apollo Care Territories

Implemented a customized Hub solution to optimize operations, improve data capture, and enhance patient accessibility

Baseline Territories

(Incumbent Hub)