Core Copay Solutions

Foundational copay products and services delivered with the precision and data that you need

Case Study

From comprehensive program setup through ongoing oversight, our core copay offering lays the foundation for precise copay program deployment

Spaceship icon Program Initiation

  • Continuity for your existing patients through strategic and thoughtful approaches
  • Efficient integration of our copay solutions with existing vendors

Flowchart tree icon Intelligent Data Capture

  • Copay dashboards that allow you to better track and manage your programs for better business results
  • Data capture that includes often-missed data points, including same-day reversals, providing valuable insights to your team

Document icon Business Rules

  • Guidance that enables greater precision on your copay design and execution
  • Program design support that provides your team with the ability to strategically launch and adapt copay offers

Lightbulb icon CRM Solutions

  • Customizable CRM solutions that deliver offers and reminders to your patients

Core Copay Case Study

Leveraging transactions to optimize copay program design resulting in higher fill rates and less HCP hassle


Traditional copay data can miss some of the most critical data points, resulting in suboptimal program design, lower fill rates, and increased physician hassle. In this case, copay data implied that assistance for patients with a copay over $20 was not beneficial.


Apollo Care’s Intelligent Data Capture accessed 2-3x more data points and demonstrated the benefit of providing copay assistance for patients with a copay over $20.


Better Data > Optimized Program Design > Higher Fill Rate and TRx with Less HCP Hassle
Apollo Care’s better copay data demonstrated the need to provide assistance to patients with a copay of up to $60, resulting in a higher fill rate and less hassle for physicians.

Apollo Care Copay Data

Apollo Care’s comprehensive data demonstrated a large price sensitivity from $20 to $60 and the benefit of providing copay assistance over $20.

Traditional Copay Data

Muted reversal rate data didn’t support providing copay assistance, resulting in lower fill rate and more HCP call backs.