Advanced Copay Solutions

Industry-leading tools and technology focused on improving gross-to-net with real-time innovation that evolves with the changing market

Case Study

Expanding beyond core copay solutions, our advanced copay solutions allow you to target and reduce specific gross-to-net expenses and invest in profitable growth through our proprietary solutions

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Synchronous Copay

Management of rebate liability on lightly covered prescriptions

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BluePrint Data

Deeper and more specific payer data capture

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Rx Rescue

Intelligent intervention that curbs abandonment of approved Rxs by the pharmacy and rescues lost revenue

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Reduces gross-to-net expense on rejected or cash prescriptions

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Local Consignment

Utilizes copay coupons to administer and track consignment prescriptions

Advanced Copay Case Study

Deployed 4 advanced copay solutions to dramatically improve the overall gross-to-net for a suite of neurology products


Neurology products in a competitive market needed to increase patient access, but traditional solutions either weren’t possible or were too expensive. Limited data and visibility into stages of the patient access process often mean that issues can go unnoticed and unaddressed.


Apollo Care deployed a core copay solution, which generated immediate gross-to-net savings and provided the foundation to implement value-add Advanced Copay solutions over the following 3-6 months.


Apollo Care Advanced Copay Solutions Led to More Than 2.6% Reduction of Gross-to-Net